Cultural Awareness

Cross-Cultural Communication and Education

Cross-Cultural communication and education for personnel working with Indigenous People

This is an extensive 2 -3 day workshop focused on developing the participant’s ability to work across the cultural divide and improve their effectiveness in creating positive educational outcomes with indigenous people.

There is a strong emphasis on cultural awareness and understanding the peoples’ world view including exploring historical changes from the Indigenous peoples’ perspective.

We believe that effective education and communication are the keys to combating the causes of many of the problems in Australian Aboriginal communities. This workshop involves investigating the causes and influences of the crises, looking at solutions and building sensitivity to the cultural and linguistic environment of Aboriginal peoples. This enables personnel to work within the cross-cultural crisis for the empowerment of Indigenous people.

Issues of interest

Cultural Awareness
Cross-Cultural Communication and Education

Issues of interest

In this course we probe into communication and education methodology and skill. We explore a range of current issues relating to Indigenous affairs as practical examples. Such issues are raised according to their relevance to participants and their questions, in fact they can be any topics that you require.

  • Acknowledgement of Country
  • Avoidance Relationships
  • Common Terms
  • Communications with Aboriginal people
  • Conflict
  • Cultural Codes of Conduct
  • Cultural Differences
  • Custodianship
  • Greetings
  • Hair & Clothing
  • Presentation
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Secret Sacred Stories
  • Skin Relationships
  • Sorry Business
  • The Referendum
  • The Stolen Generations
  • Terminology
  • Timeline
  • Traditional languages
  • Traditional Maps
  • Understanding Death
  • Welcome to Country
  • Working with Elders
  • Aboriginal community today
  • Aboriginal Overview- The Dreaming
  • Black Deaths in Custody
  • Constitutional reform
  • Coping with change & violence
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Cultural vitality
  • Facts to practice
  • Historical Context
  • Imperialism/Colonialism
  • Invasion/Genocide
  • Land Rights and Native title – Mabo
  • Kinship Network
  • Men’s & Women’s Business
  • Personal Conduct
  • Political Context
  • Social Context
  • Terra Nullius
  • The Apology
  • The Black Football
  • The History Wards
  • Traditional Life Cycle
  • United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People

We are also able to address a wide range of issues and concerns in the areas of health, education, business, law and economics.

Summary of Contents

Cultural Awareness
Cross-Cultural Communication and Education

Summary of Contents

Every attempt is made to understand your organisations particular needs and answer specific questions as they become most relevant to you.

The contents work as a guide rather than a set program and material covered can be directed by participants.


Traditional political systems
Family and social systems

Influences on the Communication

Historical influences
World view

Education & Communicating

Community dynamics
Cultural naming, blaming and assumptions
Communication skills
Education – right person, right process
Knowledge gaps
Working through resistance