The NAHRI Institute

A centre of best practice

in indigenous service delivery provision and has the following five (5) focus areas:

  • Education
  • Sport
  • Health
  • Research

  • Indigenous Best Practice- Special Programs

Generational Wealth


Employment Longevity

The Nahri Institute is a Supply Nation registered Aboriginal independent social enterprise consulting firm powered by the industry expertise and intellectual rigor and strength of some of Australia’s leading indigenous education, health, human resource, and business consultants. Established in 2000, we employ leading thinkers and specialists to provide independent policy analysis and advice to business, community and all levels of government concerning all aspects of indigenous affairs and service delivery.

Our institute is designed to help encourage urban, regional and remote young indigenous young people to participate in all levels of employment, sport, healthy lifestyle choices and education. Our institute offers young indigenous people an opportunity to succeed. It addresses the barriers to training, employment, social justice and education through an innovative program designed to inspire, excite, educate and drive young people’s passion to achieve.

Our institute incorporates health, education and sport for indigenous youth through talent identification, development and high performance. This institute will drive excellence and impact on indigenous health, sport, education and related research. The Nahri Institute builds synergies among the dispersed health, sport and indigenous community units to achieve scale, innovation and effectiveness.

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions to our clients. Leaders in community, business and government trust our people to analyse complex issues and provide quality rigorous evaluation and assessment across all stages of the indigenous policy making and business cycles. Our people have helped tackle and continue to address some of the most challenging issues in indigenous education, business and community across Australia today.

We’re In Business

30+ years

Completed Successfully

350+ projects

Through our programs,

the Nahri Institute aims to encourage Indigenous children to

Persist in education
Participate in sport & recreation programs
Lead healthier lifestyles
Be proud of their culture and history
Be motivated to achieve goals
Reduce substance abuse
Positively employ suicide prevention behaviours and actions
Engage in improved school and community participation

Our Vision

Performance can make a big difference to the success of any organisation. Nahri recognizes the importance and value of Aboriginal Australia’s culture and heritage as an essential core element of our national identity. We are grounded in learning about and understanding and embracing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people’s histories and recognising our place in shaping our collective futures for our Australian nation.

Our overarching objective is to break the cycle of transgenerational poverty of our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and new generations. Our reputation, integrity, high performance is what drives us, it also defines us. We believe the two foremost essentials driving our success are customer service and performance. Nahri is driven by creativity, directed by strategy, focused on performance and client satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

The Nahri Performance team is dedicated to collective passion and to the empowerment and self-determination and independence of Aboriginal people. We maintain a high level of commitment and excellence in performance in all of our endeavours. Nahri’s key operating principle is of experiential learning methods. This learning is one that promotes the idea that long term, sustainable change comes from experience. Whilst formal, traditional learning methods play an integral role in learning, individuals learn best through performing. This is our active approach to learning.