Welcome to Country

My name is Aunty Delores Paulson, Our Tjukkapu – Moiety has king and deep strong connections and follows a bloodline of people. Today we are all gathering on Mununjali Country;

“This country is my ancestor’s physical and spiritual homeland who have walked and cared for this country for thousands of years.”

I am honoured that my ancestors have passed on their traditions to empower us to endure.

They are traditions of survival; they are traditions that make all things possible, and they are traditions that protect us. To pass on and walk the tracks of our ancestors and continue to keep them alive, recognising and acknowledging us. As a traditional custodian and to all traditional custodians of the continent, whose cultures are among the oldest living cultures in human history. Welcome to Mununjali Country.

Welcome to Mununjali Country.


The Mununjali Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service is committed to providing holistic health care to improve the health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Beaudesert and Scenic Rim area.


Our vision at the Mununjali Health Service (MHS) is to provide an empowered and sustainable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled comprehensive allied and clinical health service in Beaudesert and the Brisbane South PHN and Metro South HHS regions.

Mununjali Health Service



We are a new indigenous health service, created especially to deliver appropriate health and clinical services for the indigenous people in Beaudesert. Four of our eight directors are indigenous and three of them are from local Mununjali families.

The commencement of the MHS was inspired by community feedback supported by the data from surveys conducted with the indigenous community which revealed the lack of health services in Beaudesert.



The MHS adopts the principles of Community Controlled primary health care as set out by the National Aboriginal Health Strategy (1989) as the gold standard approach to improving the health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. These principles encompass:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander comprehensive primary health care.
  • A holistic view of health which recognises health as not just physical but encompasses the social, spiritual, and emotional health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • Capacity building of our community-controlled organisation and surrounding communities to support local and regional solutions for health outcomes.
  • Local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community control and participation.
  • Working across sectors in partnership and collaboration.
  • Recognising the interrelationship between good health and the social determinants of health.



  • Promotion, development, and expansion of comprehensive primary health care through Community Controlled Health Services in Beaudesert.
  • Liaison with Government, non-government, and private sectors on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, including research.
  • Building the capacity of Community Controlled Health Services and communities in planning, development, and delivery of comprehensive primary health care in Beaudesert.
  • Assessing health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander in Beaudesert and taking steps to meet identified priorities.
  • MHS functions as a vital link between the Community Controlled Health Sector, Government, and non-Government Health Sectors.
  • Administration and coordination are undertaken by MHS Secretariat in Beaudesert.

MHS works closely with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Substance Misuse Sector.

Paul Paulson

Ph: 0456 667 046
E: paul@munujalihealth.com.au
Traditional Mununjali man

Paul Paulson (Dip. Teach (Sec), B. Ed, M.Ed.) is a Mununjali man from Beaudesert and a graduate from Queensland University of Technology and a master’s degree from Griffith University. Paul has been employed at Universities, TAFEs, and schools and as a manager for state and federal government department programs for over 25 years. Paul was an inaugural member of the Queensland Indigenous Education Consultative Body (QIECB), representing the Independent Schools of Queensland (ISQ). Paul was instrumental in introducing the Traditional Aboriginal Games throughout Australia and registered with the Australian Sports Commission.

He is also an NRL accredited Player Manager where his focus is on indigenous youth and sports and educational pathways to the elite level. He is the founder of the Nahri Institute, which is the Australia’s 1st International indigenous School. A school dedicated to indigenous best practice and to Close the Gap in the 6 Social Determinants of Health affecting Indigenous Australians.
Paul has authored a book titled Binanma-The Stolen Generations for Teachers to use as a teaching resource in Queensland schools to teach the next generation of Australian children about the history and impacts of the Stolen Generations. Paul has also worked as the national Corporate Relationship Manager at Reconciliation Australia, which oversees the RAP program for the corporate sector, developing specific community plans for indigenous people across Australia.

Paul also served as the National Manager of the National Innovation Education Portal (NEIP) working with Education Qld and with universities and schools across Australia. Paul was also the 1st Indigenous Teaching Fellow in the Health Faculty at the University of Canberra in 2016. Paul is a registered expert on the panel with the Australian Institute of Health & Well Being in Canberra.

Paul was recently the Cultural Consultant at the Qld Law Society (QLS) delivering the cultural competency course to the 13 000 (QLS) membership, which includes lawyers, barristers, judges, and Queen Counsels. Paul is currently the Director of Indigenous Education to the Queensland Anglican Schools Commission undertaking several specialist programs involving the 24 schools within the commission on all aspects of indigenous education. Paul continues to work exclusively with the Australian corporate sector, his clients included the top 15 companies on the ASX, this includes the finance, construction, mining & resources and legal sectors, plus other multi-national companies in Australia. Paul is completing his PhD on Aboriginal social capital as a means of closing the gap for Aboriginal Australians.

His community work extends to being the Chairman of the Mununjali Health Service which provides health services for his community in Beaudesert. Paul also has presented at state, federal and international government, community and corporate forums and conferences, speaking on a range of diverse topics affecting Aboriginal Australians.

Andrew Forbes
Director & Secretary
Ph: 0401 719 901
E: andrew@mununjalihealth.com.au

Andrew first trained to be a teacher but is now a lawyer in the Brisbane office of a national firm. His legal career has been focused upon disputes with a particular interest and expertise in regulatory matters. He has held several managerial and professional committee positions in his career, including as member of a health and ethics committee of a tertiary organisation. Andrew commitment to justice and community reflected in part in his current role as the chair of the community and pro-bono committee at Turks. He also leads the relationship with Orange Sky Australia Laundry for which he is an active volunteer.

Louise Nixon
Director & Secretary

Ph: 0407 880 998
E: louise@mununjalihealth.com.au

Louise is senior litigation and regulatory lawyer with significant experience advising participants in the health industry. Commencing with the development of a Reconciliation Australia Plan at another organisation more than a decade ago, she has a deep respect for his commitment to growing awareness about indigenous culture, language, and the important role of elders in community. She has previously been a member of the Board of the Richmond Fellowship and brings her problem solving and communication skills to the Board of Mununjali Health Service as a founding member and Director.

Raelene White

Ph: 0433 989 441
E: raelene@mununjalihealth.com.au
Traditional Mununjali woman

Raelene is a proud Mununjali woman who has over 30 years’ experience within the health sector. She has over 15 years in Queensland Health with roles focused on providing management in a corporate environment to achieve desired outcomes in several work areas. She has a strong background in training, support and reporting as well as leading changes in a data warehouse environment to support end users of a Business Intelligence reporting system. She has a passion for building capability of staff for succession planning, collaborating with stakeholders for continuous improvement within systems and data and reviewing processes to identify any duplication to be more automated and streamlined. Raelene has certificates in Training and Assessment, Project Planning and graduated from QUT (Gardens Point Campus) in 2019 with a Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Sector Management).

Israel Bundjuri

Ph: 0412 782 564
E: israel@munujalihealth.com.au
Traditional Mununjali man

Israel a Widtaru Moiety Guburu Bundjuri Mununjali, man of the Bundjalung Nation. Culture is at the heart of every society, working with influential people, Elders, and leaders and building a sustainable environment supporting the needs for a First Nation people’s holistic reintegration for men, women, and children to reconnect to community for prisons and prisons detention centres. Over the past twenty years, Israel has worked in Community Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Counselling. Psychology of Emotion, Working with Trauma, Working with Addictions Alcohol and Other Drugs, Methods of Youth Work and Working with young people-youth and Working effectively with young people in the youth work. While in his early years accomplished builder and implemented apprenticeships in our community and leadership skills. Israel believes “the decision you make today will determine the outcomes for tomorrow.” Over the next two years as a community development practitioner, Israel endeavours to develop projects and programs to bring accountably sustainability, equity, and equality, such as reducing recidivism, alcohol and other drugs, domestic violence, sexual abuse, homelessness, unemployment and so many other issues for indigenous communities.

Dr. Kylie Brosnan

Ph: 0488 455 505
E: kylie@mununjalihealth.com.au

Kylie has over 25 years researching health and human services and undertaking program and policy reform evaluations. Her focus has been on at-risk families in contact with child safety, justice, or social services. Over the past decade she has worked with and learnt from Paul Paulson as the CEO of the Nahri Institute on several projects. Kylie has worked with the boards of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Organisations to build capacity in evidence gathering and communication of social impact, and will bring this critical thinking, social innovation, and strategic skills to the Board of Mununjali Health Service.

Barry Fisher

Ph: 0411 443 679
E: barry@mununjalihealth.com.au

Barry has over 30 years’ community service to the Cherbourg community in Qld. I have acted in various community roles including health where I served as a board member for the Cherbourg Community Controlled Health Service. I have extensive community experience in other community roles including public safety and community sport and education in Cherbourg.

Barry brings considerable mentoring experience in community governance issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait community-controlled organisations.

Terrence Stedman

Ph: 0401 730 821
E: terry@mununjalihealth.com.au

I am a descendant of the Kamilaroi peoples of New South Wales on my father’s side of the family. I am widely recognised in the community I live in as a member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. I am the Chairperson of the Logan Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Elders.

Terry had an interest in politics at high school, started his working life as plumber, spent many years at the coalface of Corrective Services, and is an award-winning solicitor. Terry Stedman certainly has enjoyed a wide range of life experiences, while at the same time devoting enormous time and energy to the community.
Terry has served on numerous boards throughout his career, including time with Welfare Rights Qld (now Basic Rights) and the Stolen Wages committee with DATSIP.

I now assist clients with advice and with appearances at court for Family Law, Domestic and Family Violence matters. I previously worked with Child Protection matters, Debt matters and Neighborhood Disputes, as a general solicitor.

I was instrumental in establishing the State’s first Duty Lawyer Service for Child Protection matters at Beenleigh Children’s Court. As duty lawyer I would advise clients of the process they were involved in and provide them with advice on how best to deal with their issue at and after Court.

For most of my legal career I have provided legal advice and direction to vulnerable people. I have acted as Duty Lawyer for Domestic and Family Violence Magistrates Court and as Duty Lawyer for Family Law matters at the Federal Circuit Court. I have always believed that working in a community legal centre is an essential public service.

Terry was awarded twice at the 2018 Queensland Law Society Profession Awards, taking out the Community Legal Centre Member of the Year and the Equity Advocate Award for his service to the community. Terry currently works as a Seniors Legal Advice Service Solicitor and serves as Duty Lawyer in the Domestic Violence and Family Courts.


Mununjali Health Service Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation
Indigenous Corporation
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Place of Incorporation: BRISBANE
Office Location: 52 William Street, Beaudesert QLD 4285

Contact People

Paul Paulson
Ph: 0456 667 046
E: paul@mununjalihealth.com

Andrew Forbes
Director & Secretary
Ph: 0401 719 901
E: andrew@mununjalihealth.com.au

Louise Nixon
Director & Secretary
Ph: 0407 880 998
E: louise@munujalihealth.com.au