Cultural Awareness & Competency Training Program

First Nations People

First Nations People studies recognises, and is a study of, the two distinct and diverse Indigenous groups in Australia: Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Oldest Living Cultures

As these are the oldest living cultures in the world, this study is relevant for all participants and is fundamental to an understanding of a shared Australian identity.

It also makes participants aware of diversity and complexity in Aboriginal cultures and Torres Strait Islander cultures through an approach that informs an understanding of the past, present, and future.

Holistic Approach

A holistic approach that highlights worldviews of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples is important for overall learning and engagement in this space.

This reflects the worldview that people, animals, plants, and places are intimately related to each other physically and spiritually, and that people have custodial responsibilities that relate to maintaining the natural order of the universe. Therefore, each aspect of culture, society and history relates to all other aspects.

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An inquiry approach to learning is also prevalent throughout this course. A logical and coherent approach to exploring worldviews of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be developed, with ideas supported through the considered use of multiple and relevant sources and information. This contributes to the development of transferable thinking and processing skills that will ably assist participants to live and work successfully in the modern indigenous community in Queensland.

Nahri’s Cultural Awareness & Competency Program allows participants to develop critical thinking skills, including those of interpretation, analysis, and evaluation, as well as appropriate communication and community engagement skills. Participants also learn to value and appreciate the worldviews of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples as a necessary condition for understanding a shared history in Australia.

This is particularly those for who understand community protocols; know how to participate effectively in community partnerships in Indigenous communities to which they may be sent; be aware of “what is working”, and the various programs of support for indigenous people.

The program covers all the key aspects of Aboriginal & Torres Strait islander history, culture, and lifestyle. It highlights all the key points in time where significant events occurred and shaped Australis’s history through an indigenous lens. Our course will paint a broad scope of our culture and history and will enlighten you to undergo further in-depth aspects of this course.

Our Cultural Awareness & Competency Program is essential for anybody who has not been exposed to Australia’s true deep history and will provide context and perspective about Australia’s first inhabitants and their struggle for recognition and equal rights. This course will allow you to deeply look at Australia’s first nations people as a resilient and rich diverse people, who contribute greatly to our country’s overall cultural and societal landscape.

Cultural Awareness Courses

To understand Indigenous perspectives, culture and communication barriers and improve intercultural skills.

Cultural Awareness Short Courses

Short courses run for a day or less and provide the basics in beginning to understand Indigenous perspectives, culture and communication barriers and improve intercultural skills.

Working with Indigenous people

Cultural Awareness for Working with Indigenous people

The Cultural Awareness short course in the 8-hour format covers the same topics as the introductory course, but in greater depth, allowing for a more complete picture of the situation in Indigenous Australia.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-Cultural Communication and education for personnel working with Indigenous People.

This is an extensive 2 -3 day workshop focused on developing the participant’s ability to work across the cultural divide and improve their effectiveness in creating positive educational outcomes with indigenous people.

Empowering Indigenous Communities

Human Dynamics for Empowering Indigenous Communities

This is an extensive 2 – 4-day workshop designed to enable participants to understand the cultural and social dynamics at work in communities that contribute to the many problems faced by Indigenous people. Participants in this course will gain a much clearer understanding of what is really causing the failure of programs, communication and education in Aboriginal communities. They will be equipped to better understand and deal with the conflict and high stress experienced by personnel working in Indigenous communities.

Policy and Planning

Cultural Awareness in Policy and Planning
This extensive 2 -3-day workshop is designed specifically for those whose interaction with Indigenous Australian is through planning, policy development or program management. This course is ideal for people who do not necessarily have direct contact with Indigenous Australians but work in areas of policy that requires knowledge of the challenges faced by Indigenous people and the means to translate that into strategies for effective planning.

Advanced Workshops

Advanced Workshops
These workshops are intended to follow on from the Extensive Courses and are designed to be implemented with a small group, usually key staff from management and the field, allowing them to analyse and explore the practical application of methodologies for the empowerment of Indigenous people and their communities.

Custom Courses

Custom Courses
By choosing to have a course tailored to your specific needs, you can maximise the benefits of cross-cultural training for all staff. We build upon our Cultural Awareness courses and can model content on issues such as health, law, the environment, housing, employment, welfare dependency, violence, policing, economics, homelands, or education..