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1 x copy of Binanma
1 x USB with 6 Mission Life Powerpoints
1 x copy of signed Apology by former PM Kevin Rudd (A3 size)


The Stolen Generations

Wednesday the 13th February 2008 will be remembered as an important day in Australia’s history when the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered a long-awaited apology to all Indigenous Australians, those members of the Stolen Generations for the actions of previous governments. The contents of this resource are not meant to provide a comprehensive or detailed array of information about the Stolen Generation but a starting point to assist Australians with little or no knowledge about Australian Indigenous cultural issues that have been affected by the impact of the Stolen Generations.

As Australia moves towards the next century, we as citizens must never forget the significant events that shaped our last two centuries in the forging of this nation. It is imperative that today’s children learn, understand and appreciate the suffering, injustice and subjugation of Australia’s first people, through government policies based on the attitude of racism and slavery. It is learning about the Stolen Generation which will aid our new generation to better understand and empathise with Australia’s Indigenous community and further facilitate a rationale and foundation for true reconciliation and a true inclusive multi-cultural society.

Binanma has several sections which outline specifically critical stories informing about the history of the Stolen Generations in Australia and more specifically Queensland. This resource has the following sections which cover extensively a history surrounding the genesis of the forcible removal of indigenous families.

This resource also has six (6) PowerPoints Outlining the following historical Queensland Mission sites.

Within these power points are historical documents and primary sources unseen which display in full the full scope of the landscape of the Stolen Generations in Queensland. The following PowerPoints contain rare and previously unseen pictures and documents concerning mission life, which are essential for any organisation which works in the Australian Indigenous landscape to include in any cultural awareness training.

The 6 Mission Life Power Points are titled:

  • Under the Act
  • History of Far North Qld
  • Deebing Creek
  • A Brief History of Palm island
  • A Short History of State Control of the Torres strait
  • A History of Central Queensland Communities