The Institute

The NAHRI Institute

Our institute will incorporate health, education and sport for indigenous youth through talent identification, development and high performance. This institute will drive excellence and impact on indigenous health, sport, education and related research. The Nahri Institute will build synergies among the dispersed health, sport and indigenous community units to achieve scale, innovation and effectiveness. It will also be a key driver in the development of indigenous athletes for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and beyond.

girlsOur institute is designed to help encourage urban, regional and remote young indigenous young people to participate in all levels of sport, healthy lifestyle choices and education. These young people would be required to actively participate in the health or sport sector that would be useful to them and the community. Our institute offers young indigenous people an opportunity to succeed. It addresses the barriers to training, employment, social justice and education through an innovative program designed to inspire, excite, educate and drive young people’s passion to achieve.


The Nahri Institute will be a centre of best practice in indigenous service delivery provision and will have the following five (5) major focus areas:

  • Sport
  • Health
  • Education
  • Research
  • Indigenous Best Practice- Special Programs

Through our programs, the Nahri Institute aims to encourage Indigenous children to:

  • Persist in education
  • Participate in sport & recreation programs
  • Lead healthier lifestyles
  • Be proud of their culture and history
  • Be motivated to achieve goals
  • Reduce substance abuse
  • Improve on Suicide prevention strategies
  • Improve in Crime Prevention strategies
  • Improve school and community harmony